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Flora of Bavaria – Data management in the DWB network and concept development for a flora

funded by: Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt (LfU)

Project partners: Botanische Staatssammlung München (BSM), Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns IT Center (SNSB IT Center), Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt (LfU)

Overall responsibility: Prof. Dr. S. S. Renner, I. Langensiepen

Scientific and biodiversity informatics lead: Dr. D. Triebel

Scientific staff: Dipl.-Biol. W. Diewald, M.Sc.-Umweltpl. M. Ruff, Dipl.-Umweltwiss. V. Sanz

Software development: Dr. M. Weiss, Dipl.-Inf. W. Reichert

Cooperative scientific partners: Prof. Dr. J. Ewald, Dr. A. Fleischmann, Prof. Dr. L. Meierott

Cooperative technical partner: Dipl.-Biol. W. Ahlmer, Dr. S. Seifert (BIB data portal), Dipl.-Biogeogr. I. Leininger, Dr. A. Plank (Wiki-Software), Gesellschaft für Umweltplanung und Computergrafik mbh (GUC)

Flora of Bavaria: Munich Team for Data and Infrastructure

The project „Flora of Bavaria – Data management DWB and concept development Flora“ is preceded by the project Flora of Bavaria – Data flow DWB and FIS Natur. Work is continued by the Coordination office for flora conservation in Bavaria.

The two-year project „Flora of Bavaria – Data management in the DWB network and concept development for a flora“ started in August 2016. It is based on the results of the project „Flora of Bavaria – Data flow DWB and FIS Natur“. One of the achievments will be the technical and conceptual optimization of the infrastructure for presence and distribution data of plant species from Bavaria mobilised in the preceding project. Data are organised for long-term archiving and to be appropriate for the publication of a flora. The datasets managed in the Diversity Workbench are expanded and new data packages, including the outcoming of the statewide biotope monitoring project of the LfU are integrated. The taxon reference list is routinuously updated. New mechanism for effective data curation and quality control are implemented and the technical infrastructure (server, database engines, portal software) at the SNSB IT Center is extended. The BIB data portal of the flora of Bavaria called Botanischer Informationsknoten Bayern is continuously curated and technically extended.

The improvement of the data flow starting with data gathering in the field by volunteer experts and engaged citizen scientists followd by the data processing at the SNSB IT Center and the delivering of infiormation to the scientific portals and information systems is the core task as in the last years. Curatorial assistance by volunteer experts is highly welcomed and is supported in workshops. The data workflow includes the transfer of data from the Diversity Workbench into Fachinformationssystem Naturschutz. As part of the project we will set up a concept and business plan for the realisation of a Flora. The work is done in close cooperation between the project partners and participating stakeholders.

Cooperative project: BFL – Communication Platform

Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt Botanische Staatssammlung München SNSB-IT Centrum